Thursday, March 4, 2010

Warm Arms and Hands!

Since starting full blown knitting with Kelly months ago I have since started 3 kintting projects, this is the third I started and first I finished! My Grandma's Birthday Fingerless Mittens!! They were pretty fun to make, and now I want some! Caden picked out the yarn, it is hard to tell from the pictures but it is green and pink variegated (if that is the right word?!). I made them from two separate balls of yarn of the same lot, but they must have been dyed slightly differently as far as the length of each color because the two don't exactly match up with the striping starting at about the wrist.. that made me kind of sad.. but I still liked them and love them especially because I actually finished them!! Now my Grandma, who was already quite hip, will be even more stylin'! I found the pattern free here, but adjusted the pattern to end on the forearm rather than go super long up to the bicep!

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Katrina said...

These are great Lisa. My friend reads the Twilight books and apparently one of the main characters in the movie wears gloves like these. She tried to buy them online and people were selling them for a LOT of money.